The famous superstar Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as WIZKID, has revealed when he would get married and also why he doesn’t react to controversies around him, in an interview.

Speaking in an exclusive media chat with ‘THISDAY’ Newspaper, the celebrity artist, star boy talked about his family, music and love life.

He was asked so many questions and his response were good and encouraging. Here are few out of the questions he responded to..

1• Balancing out your roles as a family man, hit maker and man of the people, sure doesn’t seem like an easy feat. How have you managed to pull through?

His Response….

“I believe everything just fall in place when you’re being your true self, I am a big family man, I love music and I love making people Happy. I love to see my close ones, Happy around me so what I do is just try my best to simply stay grounded I try not to get cought up, I just try as much as possible to be a normal individual, because that’s who we all are at the end of the day. That outlook is what help to maintain balance in my life. My family comes first always, then my music and my fans comes right after that”

2• You always seem unfazed managing controversies, how easy is it to stay quiet and not explain yourself or tell your side of the story?

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His Response…..

It’s very easy. Only a stupid man will go around trying to prove a point to the world and even at that, you’ll find out that you can’t please everyone, that you can’t live off of people opinions. I think once you understand yourself and your true essence, nothing will faze you, people’s opinions won’t faze you. I am just more of a private person, and I handle situations in that manner”

And when asked what his plans for valentine are?

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He replied and said “it’s family oo! I will be with my family, valentine is about showing love, and not just to family but everyone around. So I’ll be busy spreading love and positive vibes to people like always”

Concluding the interview he was asked when he will get married. He laughed and replied, “until then o…them go wait


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