Wale Oshun, others using Afenifere’s name are Agitators – Says Adebanjo

Wale Oshun, others using Afenifere’s name are Agitators – Says Adebanjo

Head of the Pan-Yoruba Socio-Cultural Organization, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has marked Wale Oshun, head of Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) and others as dissidents for utilizing the name ‘Afenifere.’ ARG is a breakaway body from Afenifere, with dynamic help of top political tribal leaders in Southwest. In any case, Adebanjo, in an interview with Sunday Punch, said there is nothing similar to another Afenifere, which ARG professed to address.

Any gathering that passes by that name, Afenifere, is a radical and I have advised them. I disclosed to Wale Oshun, their leader. They are my items. In the event that they can’t help contradicting us and they need to frame their own, let them utilize another name. When you say there is another Afenifere, what have they done or said from that point forward that is not the same as a big motivator for Afenifere? It is their conscience, which is not normal for Afenifere. Take a gander at my arrangement that you referenced, my chief (Pa Reuben Fasoranti) didn’t advise me previously; he likely understands what my response would be, however, our custom is that we don’t defy our chief.

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They don’t guzzle that and they say they are Afenifere; they are rebels. In the event that they can’t help contradicting us, let them proceed to search for their own name. They say they are Afenifere Renewal; what are they recharging in Afenifere?. Our need for schooling, wellbeing, country advancement, or the way that we remain on the guideline of federalism? What would they like to reestablish there? The press has kept on calling them by that name and I will keep on rectifying them, Adebanjo said.

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He said as the new Afenifere pioneer, individuals ought not to expect anything new from him from what has been. Our approach has consistently been fit. There was nothing I had done that didn’t have the endorsement of my chief. At any discussion I went to for Afenifere, I generally said that I was going to for his sake. He is more established than me. Be that as it may, there can be enhancements however there will be no alter, of course, he said.

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Adebanjo added that Afenifere never professed to be an association for all the Yoruba. We are a political association and our gathering is Action Group, while the Yoruba name is Afenifere. The Action Group has a particular arrangement and belief system. In this way, we can’t say all Yoruba support Afenifere, so we don’t say we are 100% Yoruba, no. A few groups would guarantee that since they are Yoruba they are Afenifere, no. They must be an Oduduwa. To be Afenifere, you should be an adherent to the standards of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, he said.

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