Following the success of his debut albums, the Lafiaji born rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and philosopher – Vector Da Viper set to release his fourth studio album featuring M.I which is expected to be released on February 26.

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, better known by his stage name Vector has previously released three studio albums, including State of Surprise and The Second Coming.

The Judas the Rat singer made the announcement in an interview with Gbenga Bada of the thenation newspaper.

When asked about his relationship with M.I, the beef and if he made any money off his diss with him ?

He responded “Yes, the records sold. There seems to be sweetness that comes with beef records all over the world because they were streamed a lot. We trended at number 2 in the US, and both verses trended at number one on, Genius, the lyrics website.

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Me and M.I are in good terms and we were in the studio together recently recording ‘Crown of Cray’ together which is off my forthcoming album.

The vibes in the recording was easy, being in the studio with him was cool. You will be amazed by the kind of realisations that you encounter when you speak with the person that you had beef with. You will realize the people that are with you but ‘are not with you too.’ I saw it with him and he saw it with me. People that wanted to be relevant in the argument.

People that I thought were my guys that would call and say  “hello, how far now.”So, it helped expose people that would not have been exposed if there was no beef. We understood that, so the vibe was real. We recorded a song together titled, ‘Crown of Cray’ which is scheduled to release on February 26. Firstly, since it’s a season of love, we are dropping ‘Early Momo’ featuring talented singer, GoodGirl LA by February 14.”

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When asked about his expectation of the album?

He replied “My expectation …. I know it’s going to reach people. I am not expecting it to reach people, I know because I am intentionally making it to reach people. I know it’s going to reach people, I know it’s going to touch you in your soul, I know it’s going to make you ask certain questions, I know it’s going to make you feel happy, I know it’s going to make you feel loved, I know you are going to have an experience.”

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