His words are raw, wise, and immediate as they blaze across the dusty, sun-faded production.

No doubt, Vector tha viper knows his onions when it comes to delivering a good music. In his recent single Ealy Momo Ft. GoodGirl LA; The Nigerian rapper and songwriter, comes through in the amber-toned, free-flowing production that unfurls leisurely throughout his music, leaving ample room for his dense lyrics.

GoodGirl LA is a rare musical talent with a very unique sound too, with lyrical prowess and she has amazing vocals that is very much complimented with her gorgeous looks.

When rapper like Vector and and Afro-fusion singer and artiste liked GoodGirl LA write similarly philosophical song, their delivery generally matches the dreaminess of the production.

GoodGirl LA’s voice carries an unrelenting
urgency and clarity that allows her to relay
complex ideas with stunning efficiency and beyond. Her poetry is creative and teeming
with wisdom and raw emotions.

According to Vector, GoodGirl LA always chooses to deliver her best and that spirit of experimentation defines her recent works.

In addition to releasing singles like Faraway, Bless Me, Greatest and Fantasy, GoodGirl has collaborated with like- minds including Terri and Kuami Eugene, bringing complex, polished wordplay to their glimmering, soul-sampling productions.


Just in time for detty December of 2019 GoodGirl LA and Terri brought some heat with a joint release which is all-round collaborative effort by the new school acts, the track was produced by P.Prime and Tempoe; mixed and mastered by Focus Ramon.

Her last album, “Sound from The Basement Gig Vol. 1”, is a compilation album that commemorate the 3rd anniversary of her Basement Gig which remain Nigeria’s most sought after music concert series. In the album, It burns and blossoms the pain, pleasure, and inward lucidities.

As Vector simultaneously articulates his desire and celebrates his strength once again, his rap words weave around a prickly drum beat. The last six words of the first verse are delivered with unwavering confidence and precision:“So many things I can do for you If you let me do what I do for you, Farabale fun mi l’ola, A le soro to ba d’ola, Yipi ya yo yipi yayaye, Keep it on the low, Ma so f’araye, Keep it on the low ma so f’araye”.

At its core, early momo documents Vector’s
resilience in the rap industry. The searing imagery of opener of early momo relays his struggle not to get buried in the heaviness of his diss with M.I Abaga.

“See I admit it, The cookie is the cookie, They life is a gamble, I’m talking to the bookie, Placing all the bets, Any set – Oniru water side – any flex, No need to work out many sweats, Anoda level no fit matter any less, I’m telling you around the time to hear me best, yeah Yeah, yeah,” he raps, acknowledging he hurt while also making space to grow around and beyond it.

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“See I admit it, The cookie is the cookie” is an affirmation that celebrates rebirth and grace in the face of hate. “Oniru water side – any flex,” he says, showing the work that goes into this spiritual growth beyond hatred.

Every time it feels like you’ve understood the emotional trajectory of a song, Vector shifts direction, never allowing any one sentiment or sound to define him for long. He describes himself as having flames on his tongue, and his words blaze across the dusty, sun-faded production. It’s not easy to weave together such conflicting emotional states, to access the pain in his past while celebrating more recent triumphs, but Vector’s understanding of self is vast and complex enough to hold it all.

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He also keeps one eye looking ahead: “Anoda level no fit matter any less, I’m telling you around the time to hear me best, yeah Yeah, yeah.”he says. The tough combined work of remaking the self and remaking the system pays off in this idyllic future he generously allows us to preview with him.

Can’t wait to see you guys take on a global tour with Mr incredible. Keep winning.


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