Back in secondary school, I had these two classmates who had unexplainable bad blood between them. They abhorred each other at such a visceral level, you could keep both of them in a room for days and not one word would be directed in the opposite direction.

Trying to keep up with their shenanigans was baseless, because no one knew what the main cause of their malice was, we just knew they stayed as far away from each other as possible. Until one day. During an interclass football match, both of them quietly decided to play right beside each other and later joined to pray together in a communion, combining so superbly you’d think they were BFF’s with matching tattoos. They both learn that each one’s success, never deters the rest. I wish I could say that was the turning point in their relationship.

Dislike doesn’t equal disrespect and saying a louder amen doesn’t end poverty if you didn’t work hard and lift one another in the process.

About a week ago, in a tweet pushing the the release of Amen by Timi Dakolo, the singer explicitly stated that only prayer can save a soul in everything he do.

But he also explicitly stated his maximum believe in prayer and a louder amen which better works when hard and smart work involved. That prayer is the foundation for his crown, a characteristic he deem as a solid bedrock to lay every album or song on top.

As a sensational singer, Timi Dakolo have a shark’s intuition and a vampire’s appetite for blood, able to compose a tracks to the equivalent of lifeless bodies with stunning displays of lyricism. Dakolo’s catalog is more comprehensive as show- and-tell for his skill set.

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Safe to say a lot of eyes are on Timi Dakolo, and ears are attentive. Over to Timi to get started in joining us with Amen upon each word of prayer we utterred.

From here on, all you’ll read is my gut reaction of the song, from start to finish. I can’t pause, rewind or fast-forward.

Let’s get it

Everything (Amen)

Soft melody ushering us in. Is that Dakolo Storms? What is better than your prayers answered…amen. Some voices are chanting, very pleasant on the ears. Percussions just came in without disrupting anything, a nice a bop, explosive bass is in. Timi is here, and he feels like he’s an alien. He’s sitting in the pocket of this beat nicely, getting some introspective bars. The chants just joined in, very beautiful.

Timi! He sounds so alive, I love how he tagged himself in. The Dakolo have a tendency to crumple his flows a little sometimes, but it’s cool. Who’s crooning? Very beautiful voice with a soulful message.

This beat is legless at the moment. Well, that wasn’t a heavy drop compared to his previous singles like ‘Iyawomi’ but it is delivered as always.

Bring boom bap back to 2011 when he released his debut album  “Beautiful Noise”. Timi is here and his heart is colder than Chicago. Very solemn, poised flow but his lyrics are very needful especially the part ‘Everything you put your Hand ( Go Work ), Your Name go Open Doors ( Amen), You sef go be a Boss ( Amen, Amen, Amen ),Your Name go Open Doors ( Amen), You sef go be a Boss ( Amen, Amen, Amen ). Whoever needed a motivation should listen to this piece.

Now this hook is even more ominous. Timi is in his bag on this, he’s always very at home over beats with some soul in it.

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Every Hustler get hin day ( Day, day), Wey the Hustle go come Dey pay ( Pay, pay ), Your own e no go Tey ( Amen, Amen, Amen ), If you dey find Work Do your own ( Oh, oh ), God sef go do hin own ( Oh, oh ), And Flesh go Cover Bone (Amen, Amen, Amen ).’ Timi sounds a lot more alive on this beat, like he has real targets in mind, at the shooting range doing target practice.

Every Hustler get hin day ( Day, day), Wey the Hustle go come Dey pay ( Pay, pay ), Your own e no go Tey ( Amen, Amen, Amen ),” This is ride out on the success of hustlers solemnly in music, while the plan is bubbling in your head. Whoever is listening to it at the moment must have done some serious shit to be this contrite and needed a motivation to ride on.

Everything (Amen) – Listen Review Final Thoughts

Similar to my classmates performance during that football match and attending a communion together, Timi have pulled off a splendid lyrics to move from place of hatred to a more meaningful space full of aspirations with a prayer as a key.

This single proves to be solid because the
respect in his songwritten skills set is very palpable all through. For the most part, Dakolo deliver shoulder to shoulder, either allowing hooks serves as bridges or swapping batons cleanly. By declining to interject or force some type of back-and-forth prayerful flow, the singer acknowledge the bounds of his chemistry, sidestepping his limitations and forging his bonds with God easily built strengths.

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Dakolo’s type of music may not be connected to new listeners in series, but they are definitely connected in parallels.

Timi, is consistently on middle ground, thematically and sonically, with neither labouring for solid footing in between luxurious quips, loaded threats and ponderous lyrics. His songs are evocative, effective, and also loaded with improvements on every sides.

The delivery has taken another leap in its malleability with flows and overall form; the chants in the background is in command of his voice on a whole other level.

‘Everything (Amen)’ is sensibly precise and primed for full length replays. Lack of fat also assuages the little faults present on this track, making it a near airtight display of lyricism over beats that don’t pander to current mainstream trends in Nigerian music. The song is a not insular chunk, it is pure motivation which it’s demands to be met on the term sets through prayer and hardwork.

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