In Nigeria’s music industry, Wizkid’s popularity has offered some artists a dependable ride to global stardom, the genre’s non-stop expansion has meant that even its fast rising artists have had to find ways to avoid monotony.

For Terri, this has been tricky. Music is quite his thing; the Starboy fast rising artist, has been more interested in nailing formulas that produce massively successful hits—and he’s good at it. He’s tweaked the ratios over time, dialing up his lecherous side in his recent singles like “Joro”and switching on the sensitivity for “Murder” ft Teni.

His penchant for sliding in and out of characters has resulted in a few unexpected fusions, including collaborations with his boss – Starboy on “Soco“. But his latest release “Come Around” is one of his most pronounced creative attempts and direct experiments with cross-cultural sounds yet.

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The “Come Around“, Terri’s new single, is the product of his musical boom. It’s cleaner, polished, and mixed better than anything he’s made before, but the song also feels like a transparent move. Not many things are less fun than hearing a music that makes you aware of the message it conveys through a well written lyrics that makes the listener zoom off his seat.

“Come Around”, the record is a combination of Afrobeat, Pop and Reggae Pon-pon.

It’s inescapable, which, in adopting a heavier Nigerian and african influence than his past music, is an unsubtle attempt to re-introduce Terri to an audience less familiar with him and to stumble into playlist ubiquity.

It’s hard to blame Terri; after all, almost every artist wants their music to eventually live in those influential Lagos clubs and beyond.

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There’s a way to make this leap without watering down his homegrown sound. That path might be longer and more frustrating, but at least it would avoid songs where he trades forgettable punchlines with his boss – Wizkid in soco.

Similarly, the song has the most brutally generic hook and it badly wants to be a club anthem for a very long time.

In a same way like the normal traditional Nigeria’s music intro, an opening line of “Come Around” seems like Terri’s way of bargaining with fans once again. But the trade-off is worth it just to feel like you’re sitting in a VVIP lounge of Quilox or Pallazo night clubs while listening to his rattle like there’s nothing to do in the pandemic than “choosing the lady who brings out your vibe, the one that gingers you”.

For other Nigerian artists, It’s time to move past the mindset that you have to temper your flairs to advance your career.

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The music “Carry On” is directed by P.Priime and is worth your time to listen.

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