Hakuna matata, the latest project of Lagos-based, Ogun State- raised musician Dotman, is soft and subtle. His lyrics are intimate, and when he sings it feels as if he is making unsparing eye contact with the listener.

On records, the Lagos based songwriter and performer, Dotman – his pounding heart is unmistakably.

The 27-year-old singer and songwriter commands the studio while enunciating lyrics with a pompous-prefect quiver. Listening to his music for the first time, you might oscillate between irritation and intrigue. You might cringe, then cringe harder, almost enjoying it this time. It may feel like catching a sworn enemy at an open-mic night and realizing, aghast, that he is destined for brilliance.

The unflinching and brutal new album “Hakuna Matata”, is so direct that it demands your full attention for every single second.

Olatunji Oladotun Alade, popularly known as Dotman, is a Nigerian singer, rapper, performer.


In 2020, Dotman was signed to the music label Labo Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Labo Group owned by Nigerian entrepreneur Olabisi Akanbi.

Dotman, was both blessed and burdened with that last name. When he launched his musical career in 2014, the Dotman name immediately distinguished him from so many other promising young singers, and it meant he had a trusted adviser who could provide wise counsel (such as always own your masters).

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While several of his single releases explored his origin story and the intersections of lack, abundance and celebration, on his debut album. Dotman expands his mastery of expressing big goals through street-friendly language with new textures, as he reflects on growing up.

Hakuna Matata Tracklist

Tonight – It’s the tale of taking his girlfriend to the party, and as the storyline evolves, so does his sound, placing his unique voice at the centre of a backdrop that’s as emotional as it is anthemic.

Mama – Here, Dotman talk about Family and their influence to his musical career.

Blessed – Is about celebrating how far he has come. Blessed, is so direct that it demands your full attention for every single second. It’s all fun to listen to, nor is it meant to It feels bad, and you can’t turn away from it, not even to check a text on your phone, not even to rummage through your fridge for a beer. We all need that blessings.

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Let it go – The track “Let it go” is a song that ministers and encourage someone that no matter what you are going through, even when you have no idea of where the next meal is coming from, even when you have worked so hard and the result isn’t positive, let go of it all, count your blessings, turn up and have fun.

Worry they say isn’t going to solve anything, we know that it’s not easy but lay your mind at rest, everything will be fine, you will drive that your favorite car, no one can stop your shine, but in the meantime, just let it go, count all your blessing and minus the worries, let go of them all and dance to the music.

You have done all types of demeaning job, from security to hawker, to wash man, forget them all, a time is coming that you will be sort after and everything will just be fine, So forget about your worries, LET IT GO, let’s drink and have fun together.

The album’s second track “Chop life”, is as its finest moment. Competing synth lines rest upon one another like layers of oil in water, and a plodding bass brightens the scene like light through stained glass.

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From the beginning, it clearly states that Dotman music career will last long once he continue giving us good music like he used to.

The breakout success of “Akube” was another reminder of his very particular skill set. And as he continues to write more, he has been inching towards making an albums that distils his hit-making ability into a cohesive body of work.

He’s at his best when he writes “My woman” that have become almost a signature of his career.

The production credits will go to Fresh VDM, ID Cabasa, Lussh, Cobby Dollar, PAQ, Meezy, Ckay Yo and more.

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