The AGF “Salaudeen” Is An Idle Curator – Says Group

The AGF “Salaudeen” Is An Idle Curator – Says Group

The Concerned APC Youth Stakeholders of Ifelodun Local Government Area has begun Recall correspondence’s to take out Barr AGF SALAUDEEN, who watches out for Omupo Constituency, in the Kwara State House of Assembly. The party uncovered this at the public social event held in Ilorin on Friday. Assistant Adigun Olanrewaju while talking considering a veritable worry for the social event portrayed the station as an Unprofitable Servant.

It winds up being from an overall perspective unavoidable, that we address this public get-together considering certain occasions that are starting to fan out in our Omupo Constituency. Occasions which other than getting by and generally unacceptable, have appeared to us in clear terms that we are being tended to by “An Unprofitable Servant”.

Men of honor of the Press, you would have seen that the said Omupo Constituency is as of now being tended to by Hon (Barrister) A.G.F Salaudeen. Regardless, his one year and nine months of stewardship have left a ton to be required! It is starting to show up as we don’t have any Representatives in the Kwara State House of Assembly utilizing all methodologies. We showed up at this choice after energetically seeing and keeping it together for one year and nine months. It should be passed on that under the said period, Hon (Barrister) A.G.F Salaudeen stands reprimanded for going with

1. Feeble Representation: We are vexed that in the appraisal which was done by a Kwara Based Community Development Organization; Kwara Must Change, Hon (Barrister) A.G.F Salaudeen was never in any piece of the report proposed among likely the most raised entertainer. It was this evaluation that made us totally aware of the unmistakable truth.

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We as such raised a party to visit the KwHA to see the all-out get-together in the KwHA. To be reasonable with our Honorable, we chose to see him for 20 amassed Legislative sittings. It came to us as a colossal smother that our Honorable Representative didn’t take part in any of the discussions on the floor of the House, regardless, when all around strong issues were being examined.

To fuel the condition, there is a substitute issue of public significance that was directed to his office which he fails to address and he didn’t have the reasonability to call individuals who raised the matter. Finally on this note, is the way that in the whole time interval he has been looking out for us, he is yet to help any bill, raise any improvement nor add to any matter of public significance in the House. Thus, we are beginning to ask ourselves “what correctly would he say he is doing for our benefit in the KwHA”?

2. Shortcoming to give colossal Leadership: You will concur with us that as an Honorable Member of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon (Barrister) A.G.F Salaudeen should give solid Leadership inside the Constituency. It is incredibly astonishing that we are yet to see much from him.

3. Frail relationship and relationship with constituents: On a couple of events, we have gotten reports from head indigenes of our Constituency, about the slight human relationship of Barrister A.G.F Salaudeen. It takes after anybody that goes to see him in Office is there to foment his quietness. By the fairness of the workspace, he merges, it is standard that he will play host to notwithstanding various individuals from our Constituency as could be allowed. In like way, his agitating influence against individuals coming to see him in Office is essentially foul of an individual who was picked into office by a striking vote based to address a cosmopolitan and exceptionally enlightened Constituency like Omupo Constituency.

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4. His Role in the recommended discharge from Office of an individual Ifelodun indigene: It is, overall, deceived that a Chicken will eat the stomach-related blueprint of a Fowl. We wound up being tremendously vexed in the wake of seeing a letter purportedly made by all individuals from the Kwara State House of Assembly, to help the arrival of the Caretaker Chairman of the APC in Kwara State. It is essentially misled that Honorable A.G.F Salaudeen ignores planning all around with his Constituents over this matter, considering the truth that the individual being recommended is a bonafide indigene of Ifelodun.

What Honorable A.G.F Salaudeen did by joining his scratching to that letter was to say the whole Omupo Constituency is on the arrival of a Son of Ifelodun from the lifted up Office of State Chairman of the decision Party at State Level. Other than this being high no-no and fit for causing silly squeezing segments inside associates and relatives, Honorable A.G.F Salaudeen neglects to equip his Constituents with a clarification for such an unforeseen development, and this has driven us into bearing that the Man is on an essential level in Office to serve himself.

Extraordinary men of the Press, let it be seen that Ifelodun isn’t missing wonderful and dependable Sons to fill in as Representatives of individuals. Leave it alone known, that Omupo Constituency isn’t shy of inconceivably extreme individuals to run its issues. Any individual who is hence liked to address us, should consider such advantage Honor and not a Right. It is thinking about this that we are continuing on this correspondence to RECALL Honorable A.G.F Salaudeen and uproot him with a more fitting up-and-comer.

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Contemplating everything, let it be seen that we are acting ward upon what the Constitution grants and inside the restrictions of the Law. Along these lines, let nobody trouble us, paying little brain to what their character is, and an enormous partner for them. The course toward party engravings to help the Recall has really begun and is at an obvious level stage.

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