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Prophet TB Joshua is using a demonic powers – American Female pastor reveals



Prophet TB Joshua is using a demonic powers American Female pastor reveals

Prophet TB Joshua is using a demonic powers American Female pastor reveals

A female American Pastor, Daphne Patoir, has made a hair-raising case on YouTube about dubious Nigerian Pastor, T.B. Joshua.

She demanded she saw the Nigerian pastor ‘in Heaven’ where she was taken during a dream.

Reacting to a video charging Joshua’s ‘powers’ were satanic, Pastor Daphne Patoir shared her ‘Grand experience’.

“On Tuesday January second, 2018, I was shouting out to God since I needed to be an adherent of Jesus… to serve Him with my entire heart,” she related.

“Abruptly, maybe my body was a barrel and I had tumbled to the lowest possible quality and Jesus supplanted me, in my body. I was cognizant that my body was sitting in the seat, in our room. We were flying at the speed of lightning,” she added.

The American – who pastors in Georgia with her significant other Raynard – clarified that she saw numerous ‘evil presences’ who were shouting out in dread as they seemed like ‘cockroaches’ before the ‘Heavenly One’.

“I failed to keep a grip on my body. I cried and revealing to Jesus that I was a basic young lady from a modest community and that the secret was a lot for me,” she clearly portrayed, depicting how the experience altogether hardened her confidence.

“At lightning speed, Jesus brought me into a room passed the subsequent Heaven. As we entered, I saw three present boxes. One had my name on it, the subsequent one was given to a minister I know and regard and the third one was given to T.B. Joshua. I saw T.B. Joshua in Heaven getting a gigantic blessing box,” she surprisingly uncovered.

Minister Daphne said Jesus advised her to ‘fear not’ when she argued that she wished to get back to her body.

“I realize this may sound insane however my body wouldn’t permit me access,” she disclosed when she endeavored to get back to her body during the vision.

From that point, the priest thought back how after she “saw all that He needed to show me, my body permitted me in.

“I groveled and I sobbed. Hours after the fact, I was all the while shuddering. I felt as though power was moving through my body. While this was occurring, my better half was dozing in the bed. He revealed to me that he heard me making uncommon sounds and when he attempted to get up to wake me, the force of the Holy Spirit stuck him to the bed.”

Daphne finished up with her demand that Joshua was a certifiable worker of God and not utilizing pernicious forces to dupe individuals.

“I saw T.B. Joshua within the sight of God! I dread God; I wouldn’t lie,” she finished up.