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Olamide – The Raging Rockstar (Artist Review)



Olamide, also known as Baddo or BaddoSneh, is the first Nigerian to sign an endorsement deal with Cîroc and is also one of the best musician in Nigeria with a total award of 22.

The fact that Olamide has raked a total of 22 awards shows you he manages his music niche quite alright.

Olamide is known to steer the wheel on the Nigerian hip-hop genre.

Olamide has been a breath of fresh air with his bright, melodic take on yoruba rap. His latest and best project yet (Uyi Scuti) focuses purely on fun and motivational thoughts that put minds to work.

Back in the late ’00s and early 2010s, an often underappreciated wave of indeginious raps came after the rise of rap music led by some big guns in the industry then – like Dagrin, ID Cabasa, and Eldee, and before the likes of OlamideCDQ, and Reminisce turns into megastars. They were young, flashy, had bad haircuts, never seemed to be in a sour mood, used AutoTune in a way that made their voices resemble cyborgs, and sung-rapped over sweet-sounding pop-rap beats that might make you want to lay on your stomach and kick your feet in the air.

These were rappers who for a brief moment in time churned out giddy party anthems. Now, the Lagos born and raised, Olamide – is reigniting this torch.

For some time, Olamide loomed in the background of Lagos’s underground, but in the last 10 years behind a prolific run of albums and EPs, his bright, optimistic, and melodic take on raps has been a breath of fresh air—especially with the boom of Phyno and these raging rockstars.

Olamide’s first album was titled “Rapsodi” and was released in 2011; its lead single “Omo To Shan” brought Olamide into prominence.

Olamide has won many awards from The headies, Nigerian entertainment Awards, Nigerian Music video awards etc.

Olamide has released at least 11 studio works throughout his music career.

Nigeria’s Itel mobile named Olamide as its ambassador in 2020.