“Olamide”- Revealed that He Went through Hell growing up.

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• Nigerian rapper, song writer and YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, aka Olamide. revealed his experience as a street hustler motivates him to always support rising stars.

Olamide, made this revelation during his recent interview with Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio.

Bro, I went through hell before I got here. But, now, I’m here. If I have any opportunity to bring up anyone that I know, then I would do anything to make sure that person makes it.”

his latest body of work, ‘UY Scuti’, Olamide said it was just an experimentation of his craft.

“I mean from way back, the regular thing I used to do was just rap music, street music. This time round, I’m just switching the gears and moving it up notch, a little bit. Because I’ve always wanted to tap into different elements of everything I feel on the inside, and just live my life to the fullest”.

So, I might as well just try something new entirely. And I’m happy for having the courage to be able to tap into something new entirely. like the one I’ve never done before. It feels like a full-time pop project, and I’m happy I’m doing it because I’ve always wanted to.”

Recently Singer Olamide has recalled his life’s experiences while growing up in a shanty town.

• While speaking in a recent interview with The Guardian UK, Baddo Sneh disclosed how growing up in a slum in the Bariga axis of Lagos State motivated him to work really hard.

Shedding more light on what life in the ghetto is like, he described the ghetto life as almost the same all over the world.

According to the 32-year-old singer, surviving at the time was so difficult that getting three square meals was almost an impossible task for his family.

He also stressed that the development played a significant role in his drive to succeed against all odds.

He said: “Surviving was hard. Bariga was not far from the other slums you see across the world, from Mumbai to New York and London, life in the ghetto is almost always the same everywhere.

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