Gobir Foundation – Building A Better Kwara By Going “DEEP”

Gobir Foundation – Building A Better Kwara By Going “DEEP”

Each general public has its nationalists. They are the individuals who gave their yesterday for our today. They forfeited their time, energy, and other well-deserved assets to assemble our country. In Kwara State, the name Gobir can’t be displaced for another. The Gobirs are known for enthusiasm. This characteristic can be found in the existence of the principal Waziri of Ilorin, Alhaji Muhammad Ajeigbe Gobir, and his kids, like Alhaji Yakubu Amori Gobir, Ambassador Abubakar Garba Gobir, and obviously, Alhaji Yusuf Amuda Gobir. The last three Gobirs were among the individuals who contributed extraordinarily to the creation and food of Kwara State in 1967.

It is subsequently to be expected to see one of their scions, Waziri Yakubu Gobir, submitting himself and assets to the soundness, quiet concurrence, development, and progress of the State. Sometime before showing interest in legislative issues, Waziri Gobir had set up the standing of being a country developer. Most would review the immense monetary help he provided for IEDPU in 2015 and the all-out recovery of the Okesuna Primary School.

Some time ago life in Kwara State was quiet and serene. Kwara State was the ‘Territory of Harmony’. There were no hooligans, there was nothing but bad ‘young men’s coercing cash from the populace, and wrongdoing was negligible. Ilorin was for a long time a position of incredible serenity. It was tranquil to such an extent that it turned into an objective for individuals encountering agitation in different pieces of the country, who started to get comfortable droves. That is the reason Ilorin is alluded to as a sociocultural juncture point and the home of peacefulness.

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Be that as it may, as time advanced, the unchecked inundation of individuals of problematic character turned into an issue. The lack of care of progressive organizations to react to this and the disregard by guardians of their wards intensified the issue. Political thuggery, posse participation, and coordinated wrongdoing before long got overflowing.

This pattern got articulated in the second republic when the at that point administering party, the National Party of Nigeria, at the state level was factionalized. The risky pattern reappeared following the political emergency that ejected in the mid-2000s. The disregard of the training and youth improvement area by progressive state governments additionally fuelled the interruption of harmony and progress of the State. At this moment, very high youth joblessness and chaperon anxiety is a ticking delayed bomb.

There is an entire age of youth that has not been as expected taught, prepared, or profitably utilized. They have become misfits. They are disappointed, irate and have looked for asylum in drug misuse and resort to wrongdoing to support their chronic drug use. With increasing frailty in the country, they could be willing devices in the possession of individuals keen on destabilizing Nigeria.

Our childhood is “in danger”. Without opportune mediation, we could lose an entire age that ought to be contributing emphatically towards the eventual fate of this incredible country. Nonetheless, it isn’t past the point where it is possible to rescue the circumstance. One concerned Foundation is currently ready to help in danger young people, who are prepared to help themselves. The Gobir Organization Foundation, known for the Gobir Health Fund (GHF), Gobir Funds (GO Funds), and Gobir Farmers’ Support Program (GFSP), will send out the De-radicalization squad, Education, Empowerment Program (DEEP) for in danger youth.

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Ten chose youth – both male and female will be broadly prepared and engaged for the primary cluster of the program, in association with the Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) of Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. What is the drawn-out sway? Specialists think taking in danger adolescents off the roads will carry extraordinary alleviation to society and would be a success for mankind.

As the Press Secretary of the Gobir Organization Foundation, I had the chance to meet with a portion of these in danger youth during the choice interaction. Their individual stories are contacting. Actually, this experience has changed my viewpoint on life, and I am more thankful for how Allah has helped me.

Never pass judgment superficially. The majority of these youths are casualties of friend pressure, family issues, generalizing, awful administration; absence of formal or professional schooling, and poor nurturing. Is astonishing that the majority of them are anxious to change. They have been longing for an exit plan, however, love and consideration are things they have seldom appeared in their lives. Theirs is an unforgiving merciless existence of attempting to get by in the city.

I can’t communicate my happiness in words. I have been jobless for quite a long time, and there is no assistance impending from anyplace. Destitution drove me crazy with myself and the general public. I’m obliged to the Gobir Foundation and its Chairman for this chance they are going to give me. I guarantee to utilize it,” said Kazeem Hanafi, a possible recipient.

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Presently, envision a serene Kwara as we once knew it. Envision the Gobir Organization Foundation taking these ‘great young men’s off the roads, each in turn. That is the thing that we mean when we say, “our vision is to fabricate a Kwara, that is made of Kwara men, ladies, and adolescents who are effective, independent and prosperous and are themselves more grounded specialists for moving local area headway, public development, and social turn of events.” That is the thing that we address, and that is the reason we are diving DEEP in building a Kwara we can call our home.

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