Former Kwara Governor Cornelius Adebayo Is Honoured By Engr Babalola At The Age Of 80

Former Kwara Governor Cornelius Adebayo Is Honoured By Engr Babalola At The Age Of 80

Engr. Garba Shehu, a former governorship aspirant in Kwara State and a senior member of the All Progressives Congress. Sunday Adebayo Babalola congratulates Former Governor of the State, Chief Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo on the event of his 80th Birthday Anniversary on the earthbound plane.

I congratulate a regarded senior legislator and Former Governor of Kwara State, Chief Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo on the promising event of his 80th Birthday Anniversary today Wednesday 24th February 2021. Dad Adebayo, you have served our dear State and Nation in different limits even before you became Executive Governor of Kwara State. Along these lines, you came to the spotlight and served respectably before you became the first Citizen of Kwara State in 1983, and kept on being helpful to our dear State and Nation even after you left the seat of Governor of Kwara State.

You started your support of the country as a teacher of English Language at the then University of Ife (presently Obafemi Awolowo University) between 1969 to 1973, and you continued to turn into the establishing Head of the Department of English at Kwara State Polytechnic. You were at that point a huge academician prior to wandering into governmental issues. In the field of scholastics, you had a gigantic effect. Your parts as an educator and instructor were exceptionally estimable.

You began your political stay in our dear State as a Commissioner for Education under the Military Administration of Late Colonel Ibrahim Adetunji Taiwo and you were the mind behind the development of UPE and the foundation of schools in the then Borgu Local Government Area of Kwara State. You likewise supported the Physical Establishment of the University of Ilorin. You were redeployed to the Portfolio of Commissioner for Information, Home Affairs and Sports.

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While in this service, you arranged Kwara State for FESTAC, and you likewise arranged our dear State for Durbar in Kaduna and Regata in Lagos. You did superbly well in this said service and your accomplishments were admirable. In the State, your last task as a Commissioner in Kwara State was as Commissioner for Economic Development and you helped tremendously in advancing the Economy of Kwara State. Your visionary commitments to the advancement of Kwara State in different limits which you served says a lot.

Your rule as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was effective. Your short rule of 3 months as Executive Governor of Kwara State will stay evergreen regarding the achievement and expansive effect all over Kwara State. Indeed, even as you were not special to have spent an entire term of 4 years, history will yet be thoughtful with Your Excellency.

I won’t ever forget in a rush how you devotedly turned down the proposal of Late General Sani Abacha who needed to make you a Minister. You showed how strong you are in uprightness, rather than specific compromisers who professed to be reformist leaning yet who might later campaign on the acknowledgement that the Late General has caught the country’s political force.

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God-like God later remunerated your remain after the Late General Sani Abacha passed on, as you would later be named as Minister of Communications and later Minister of Works under Former President Olusegun Obasanjo. You dominated in your obligations in the two limits. As a Minister of Communications, you urged your associates not to be diverted by phenomenal returns that had been accounted for by MTN Nigeria.

You rather chipped away at the need to concede impetuses to Domestic media communications specialist co-ops and talked with the President who along these lines allowed endorsement to plans by Multi-Links Communications Nigeria Ltd, to extend its change ability to 500,000 lines. This was an excellent accomplishment, and on this, any kind of family down the line will always be thoughtful with you. As Minister of Works, you additionally made a permanent imprint.

Boss C.O. Adebayo, your visionary commitments to country building stay abnormal and interesting. While going through the historical backdrop of our incredible Nation, the current age and those yet unborn in Kwara State and Nigeria overall will stay thanks to you. You have made your imprint and we are glad for you.

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I should also saw that the historical backdrop of the Kwara Liberation Struggle and how it was cultivated won’t be finished without making reference to your visionary data sources. Your Excellency Sir, on the event of your 80th Birthday Anniversary, I implore that restored gifts and kindnesses of Almighty God will keep on showering upon you. God-like God will additionally allow you decent wellbeing.

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