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ALBUM: Ntokzin – Black Duke



Ntokzin Black Duke mp3 Download

Ntokzin Black Duke mp3 Download

Ntokzin Black Duke mp3 Download – Ntokzin is at it again with yet another irreplaceable banger hit album which have being making serious waves in the music industry captioned Black Duke.

Stream, listen and download track below.

SONG TITLE : Ntokzin – Black Duke



PERIOD : 2021


1. Ntokzin – Dlala Ntokzin (feat. Sir Trill) MP3 Download

2. Ntokzin – Pillow Talk (feat. Boohle) MP3 Download

3. Ntokzin – Ngisize Mdali (feat. Boohle, The Majestiez & Moscow) MP3 Download

4. Ntokzin – One Day (feat. 2KZA, Moscow, ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

5. Ntokzin – Umfazi Wami (feat. X-Mile) MP3 Download

6. Ntokzin – Manimbona (feat. Just Bheki) MP3 Download

7. Ntokzin – Khaya Layo (feat. Busi N) MP3 Download

8. Ntokzin – Steven Seagal (feat. Sir Trill) MP3 Download

9. Ntokzin – Poppy (feat. ShotGunFlava, El Kaydee, Shavula N & The Majestiez) MP3 Download

10. Ntokzin – Inombolo (feat. Boohle) MP3 Download

11. Ntokzin – Ovadoz (feat. Mdu aka TRP & Sir Trill) MP3 Download

12. Ntokzin – Lotto (feat. ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

13. Ntokzin – Bana Ba Skolo (feat. Lady Du & Sir Trill) MP3 Download

14. Ntokzin – Chesa (feat. ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

15. Ntokzin – Ngama Bom (feat. Kammu Dee, ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

16. Ntokzin – Iypoko (feat. Mr Miagi) MP3 Download

17. Ntokzin – Better Days (feat. Sir Trill) MP3 Download

18. Ntokzin – Mli eWrong (feat. Kammu Dee, ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

19. Ntokzin – Ngeke Balinge (feat. Shavula N, ShotGunFlava) MP3 Download

20. Ntokzin – Sthandwa Sami (feat. Sir Trill & Boohle) MP3 Download

21. Ntokzin – Kanti Yini (feat. Boohle & Ta Skipper) MP3 Download